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Yakitori – japanese style chicken kebabs

Yakitori – japanese style chicken kebabs

This post (and recipe) is dedicated to the life and memory of a good friend of mine, Tomoaki Sawada, a.k.a. Sawada-san. I had been working with him for several years, and met him multiple times here and in Japan. Every time, he had been so good to me. He liked good food, and he liked to drink, Sake, and Shoju. I made that recipe today, but was not planning to post for a while, but this is only fitting that I post today.

I first had Yakitori – literally translates to grilled chicken – in the smallest place in a back alley in Tokyo. The place could sit maybe 5 people, but the food was sumptuous. They have a tiny grill, and they can’t cook for more than 2 or 3 at a time, and they used ice cubes to clean the grill, quite an experience. So you don’t have to fly to Tokyo, here’s a recipe that should get close.

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