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Mustard-Lime-Worcestershire grilled steaks

Summer is almost here, and this means barbecue season is among us, although here in Northern California, you can almost do this all year long. Here is a recipe for steak to enjoy on a hot summer day (any steak will work, I used ribeye). Very easy and sure to please.

Ingredients for Mustard Lime Steaks

– 2 rib-eyes steadk, 1.5 lbs all together, about 1 inch thick (you don’t want too thick for this recipe so you don’t overcook the mustard)
– 4 TBSP dry mustard (or ground mustard)
– 4 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
– 4 TBSP lime juice (about one juicy lime)
– Kosher salt
– fresh ground black pepper

Cooking steps

– spread one TBSP of the dry mustard on each side of each rib-eye steak (use your fingers, or a fork)
– pour 1 TBSP of the Worcestershire sauce on each side of each steak (it won’t go in at first, so rub it in)
– do the same for 1 TBSP of the lime juice on each side of each steak (it will eventually form a slurry)
– let it marinate on the counter for about 20-30 minutes
– preheat your grill to high
– clean and oil your grate, then place the 2 steaks
– cook for 5 minutes on the first side for rare, rotating once if you want nice criss-crossed marks
– turn over and cool for an other 3-4 minutes
– let the steaks rest for 3-5 minutes and serve
– Enjoy!

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