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Classic Beef Shish Kebab

Classic Beef Shish Kebabs
I’ve always found shish kebabs fascinating. Perhaps it is the spear like action of the metal skewer onto the meat, or because they are very easy to cook, as they will cook very evenly if you only cook each side 2 or 3 minutes. Maybe there’s also the mix of the meat with the veggies, or the color combination that’s always very attractive.

There are many types of skewers, metal or bamboo, but for meat, my favorite choice is to use the flat metal ones. The flat section helps ensure that the items on the skewer will not turn more than you turn the skewer! That tends to be frustrating and awkward!

Ingredients for the Shish Kebabs

– 1 1/2 lbs of meat, about 1″ to 1 1/2″ thick that you can cut into cubes. Sirloin, london broil, chateaubriand are good candidate, but eye of round will also work great.
– 8oz white or brown mushrooms
– 8oz large cherry tomatoes
– 8oz small sweet onions, peeled
– 2 TBSP olive oil
– salt to taste
– fresh ground black pepper

Steps for preparing and cooking the Shish Kebabs

– preheat your grill to high
– cut the meat into cubes of roughly 1″ to 1 1/2″ cubes
– wash the mushrooms, the small onions and the cherry tomatoes
– assemble the shish kebabs by alternating mushrooms, meat, small onions and tomatoes
– mix the herbs, salt and pepper into the olive oil
– rub the oil mixture onto the meat and veggies
– clean your grill, and rub it with vegetable oil using a paper towel (I use olive oil)
– place the kebabs onto the grill and cook on all sides, about 10-12 minutes all together
– serve immediately


There are endless variations to this recipe. Use sweet red peppers, green peppers, asparagus, etc…

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